2014: Wellness

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." -Plato
“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” -Plato

My theme for 2014 is Wellness. I’m taking (more) ownership of my wellness this year because I can’t afford not to. I only have one body, one mind, one heart, one spirit, and one soul – and I need to make sure all of these parts of me are well so that I can live my best life and help others live their best life too.

One of my resolutions for the 2014 year is to commit to blogging because it will improve my writing and my wellness. I have been blogging on and off for about 10 years now, and it’s time I committed to this platform. As Suey Park recently pointed out to me, writing IS an activist practice and a creative intervention! Blogging will strengthen my voice and give me a (digital) space to share my story and build community. It’s about time I followed through with this commitment.

Besides committing to blogging, other resolutions I’ve made to improve my wellness are:

+ Give gratitude daily. This has been easy as I’ve downloaded an app that allows me to reflect on my gratitude(s) for the day. Giving gratitude positively impacts my happiness, improves my spirit, and allows me to pay it forward.

+ Run a half marathon. This is for improving my physical wellness. Along with training for a half marathon comes eating healthier, sleeping better, being more attentive to my body’s needs, and having more energy overall to be productive and effective. Running has always been a challenge for me and it’s been inspiring to overcome the idea that I “can’t run.” Running just makes you feel better (especially as I continue to meet my goal miles)!

+ Uplift women. Period. As I’m becoming more comfortable with my feminist identity, I want to continue to empower other women. Women have a tendency to compete with each other and bring each other down. We are overly critical of successful women, and in a society where success and likeability are negatively correlated for women, we need to encourage and foster each other’s intellect, skills, and success. Their success is my success. Our liberations are intertwined.

That’s it. Here’s to a year of wellness! 4 resolutions to improve my mind, body, heart, spirit, & soul. What were your resolutions this year?

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